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Dog-Trotters has now been a thriving business for ten years, and we’re pleased to have provided Godalming and its surrounding areas with our friendly and reliable service for such a significant amount of time. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and always aim to work around your schedule. Whether you need us on regular days at specific times or on an ad-hoc basis, we are happy to accommodate you and your dog’s needs.


Dog-Trotters has recently expanded to fully accommodate all of our dogs. It’s important to us to be able to provide a reliable service, and to be able to dedicate the time necessary to all our dogs. It became apparent in the last couple of years that in order to do this we needed extra pairs of legs! We all cover Godalming, as this is our busiest area, and each extend to slightly different areas to accommodate dogs in different villages.  On the following page you’ll find profiles of all our walkers, and the areas they cover.


“Dog-Trotters was born when I completed my two year course in Animal Care at Merrist Wood College in 2004. Since then I have gained a decades worth of experience running the company, which has taught me more than any college course possibly could. However, being academically-inclined as well as a very practical person, I have spent the years furthering my knowledge through part-time and home-study courses, the details of which are below.” - Flossie




  • National Diploma in Animal Care
  • (2 Year Course at Merrist Wood)
  • Specialist Course in Dog-Grooming
  • (10 Week Course at Merrist Wood)
  • Certificate in Dog Psychology
  • (Distance Learning Course with the Canine Behaviour Centre)
  • Certificate in Canine Aggression
  • (Distance Learning Course with the Canine Behaviour Centre)
  • Higher Diploma in Canine Care, Health & Behaviour
  • (Distance Learning Course with the NHSC)
  • Higher Diploma in Zoology
  • (Distance Learning Course with the NHSC)
  • Diploma in Dog-Grooming
  • (Distance Learning Course with H&H Grooming School)


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