How can I qualify?

In order to qualify, you must run in one of our timed waves and complete the course. Finishing in the top 10 overall will qualify a runner for the elite division or age groups. Finishing in the top 10 of your age category will qualify you to compete in your age group.

For the remainder of 2017, only the 10km and 15km distances will be qualifier distances. The top 10 male and female runners for each age category, from each distance, will qualify.

From 2018 onwards, we are changing our race distances. We have already applied for these new distances to be recognised as qualifier distances.

Qualification for 2018 will work as follows:


6km – Top 5 male/female in each age category

12km – Top 10 male/female in each age category

24km – Top 10 male/female in each age category

Please Note:

No more than 50% of an age category/gender for each distance can qualify. For example, if an age group has only 12 athletes in it, only the top 6 runners will qualify. In the event of an odd number, we will round up in favour of the runners.

What is the difference between Muscle Acre’s front runner wave and other timed waves?

Many competitive runners find that running in the first wave of the event gives them an advantage when trying to finish in a top position. It ensures that you are the first out on a fresh course and minimizes the chance of getting held up behind other runners. Runners who are trying to qualify for the championships often choose this wave. However, you can still qualify in the later waves, providing that you finish high enough in your age category, so please do not feel obligated to choose this wave.

I have finished in the top 10 … what happens next?

Well done! Once you know that you are qualified, you can register directly to the Championships. Runners should not register until they have qualified. The Euros will shortly launch a qualification process feature and you will then be able to enter your qualifying results in your Muddest profile, which then can be “confirmed” or “denied” by us (The Muscle Acre Team) as the qualifying competition. In the event that you are not approved you will be moved to “Journeyman” or “Open” races. We will update this once the Euros announce their formal verification process!

I haven’t finished in the top 10 … can I still go to the Champs?

Yes you can! As well as the elite and age group divisions, the short course and standard course also have journeyman divisions. The journeyman division, along with the open course option, have no qualification requirements. You can purchase a ticket for these options without a verification code.

2019 OCR European Championships
The 2018 Euros will take place in Gdynia, Poland from 27th – 30th June 2019.