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An App with all the essentials of your website, in one package JFSR Mobile

version 1.00 (Final)


The essential App for when you're on the move. Take the Funk with you.

Feature packed with essentials.


(via Google Play)


(Install Manually)


If you get an error pop-up saying "error accessing audio files" you may need to tap the refresh icon (the 2 arrows in a circle) top-right of the App screen. This will refresh the page and you should be able to tap the 'play' button again to hear the audio stream.



As with any decent Mobile App, essential content should be quickly accessible, at the end of your finger tips, without having to faff around finding a decent signal, in order to get online, only to view that same content from the website. A mobile App can have all that vital information packed into one small file.


All this is possible due to the offline nature of the Mobile App. Simply put, it means no Internet is required (unless otherwise stated) to view that useful content because it is held locally on the mobile device. Online content would obviously need an Internet connection, due to the nature of the option selected, i.e. Email, Chatroom, Social media, viewing other external websites and so on.


The JFSR Mobile App, version 1.0. This was designed as a proof of concept. To see if there was call for an App, for the station. There seems to be a growing interest in actually having and wanting an App available.


This first version has limited options but shows it could have potential if additional features were added. Above are 2 links to version 1.0. Install will take you to Google Play so you can install it hassle free from there. The Downloadable APK gives you the option to install it manually, either by SD Card or transfer via USB, to your device.


Below are some screen-shots of version 1.00.

Home Screen

Grid Menu System

(Ads Enabled on by default)

Radio Stream Player

Showing 128kb Audio Stream


(Internet required)

Radio Stream Player

Showing 32kb Audio Stream


(Internet required)

Send Message to DJ

Using Google Mail


(Internet required)

Email JFSR

Using Google Mail


(Internet required)

Stream Details

Handy Information


DJ Photos

with Built-in Visualizer


(Internet required for Profiles)

DJ Shows

The Weeks Schedule


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